2017 Rut Report for                       Wisconsin

  With the temps reaching into the 80's this has been a tough report to fill out, but I think our team has done it.  We will start with the first part of October and run through November, here we go.

 October 1-15  With the warm temps, the deer movement has been centering around food and water.  With most movement being at dark we feel during this phase it very important to stay off your favorite stand.  Do not blow the chance of over hunting it, so when the temps drop you can move in there and it will be fresh.  The acorn crop in Wisconsin is huge this year, if you are looking for a chance at that buck you want to set up around or in acorns.  The shade from the trees will give that buck a cooler spot to feed and let him feed before night fall.  Deer have there winter coats on now and if it is warm for us in our hunting gear imagine how they feel.  With that being said the staging areas for bucks have change this year.  They are bedding in low pines with shade and less sunlight, so we recommend you stay out of these areas.  Until the temps drop set up on low lying funnels and small pinch points from these pines.  

October 15-25  Around the 16th of the month you will see the temps fall, and scrapes will start popping up.  My records show we will be about a week late on this from years past do to the warm early season.  You will see bucks will be fighting to get the pecking order and to separate any bucks that are still together.  (yes they will be running together still, remember my records show we will be a week late up to this point).  This year is stacking up just like 2006, the only change is the temps that have hit us early, but my records show things will pop early and often.

October 26 - November 2  With the normal saying "you should be in the woods on Halloween", this year you will want to be in the woods right before that.  Whether you believe in the moon phase theory or not, I believe it does play a small part in wildlife activity.  One side note I would say that the moon position is more important so look at that also.  With the full moon hitting on November 3 October 26th will kick off theSEEK PHASE OF THE RUT.  This phase will have bucks up early looking for does.  Mornings will be more important, due to cooler temps and the does in feeding routes early.  Once the does start getting pushed a little they will get back to the bedding areas and lay low, bucks will sit tight around these areas making scrapes and rubs, but will not visit the food source until later in the day or even dark.  This scenario is common with a out of whack buck to doe ratio, if your doe count is low, the bucks will be more on their feet through out the day.  Avoid hunting your favorite rut stand for right now get on some heavy traveled trails and sit tight.  

November 3-14  If you are like me and work gets in the way of hunting, but you have one week to get it done, you want that to fall in this 11 days.  The seek phase will change over to the CHASE PHASE OF THE RUT and it will be noticed by every hunter in the woods this year.  If you are a weekend warrior, the best weekend of the whole year will be November 4 and 5th.  Feeding times are spot on with position of moon and the moon will set and rise during daylight hours spot on with feeding times.  During this phase rattling and grunting is a must.  Depending on your buck to doe ratio will tell you which decoy to use.  Not to often do we get a perfect storm in hunting, but this is it.  This will be the most intense rut phase we have had in years.  Get your set up on logging trails, food sources, and traveling corridors.  Bucks will be running the logging roads to cover ground, and will hit the prime food sources roughly all day.  If you are using scent, put it out early and freshen it up every couple hours.  For 11 days the woods will be off the charts with activity, the only spoiler would be Mother Nature, but I do not even think she could stop this year.  

November 15-25  This is the lock down phase or Tending phase of the rut, most of us will be into gun season so with all the movement of hunters in the woods in Wisconsin we may not see a decline in seeing deer, but the big ones will be on lock down.  However was the big boys breed a doe get ready because he will be back on his feet looking for the next one.  Smaller younger does will come into estrous later and this will help us.  If you have a hot doe running you will see the boys chasing.  That's it, I hope this helps like I always say to have the best rut report keep your journals from year to year.  This will let you know what is going on with your property and what is best for you.  Good luck and be safe.

Mike Coulthard                                

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