2014 Wisconsin Archery Season 


    With the 2014 season here I would like to take some time and reflect on somethings that people will go over in the stand.  Many of us will remember loved ones we lost or came close to losing.  Many of us will think about the long hours we put in at work.  Some will laugh to themselves thinking of the funny stories good and bad that the stand they are in has given them.  Many of us will ask for just a glimpse of that big 10 that is on the property.     Some of us will want our son or daughter sitting next to us to get a chance and start some of their own memories.  Through all my years in the woods the best thing for me was the first smell of the year, the smell of leaves turning and the woods changing that's when I know I can sit back and take a breath, and start to remember.  If your going into the woods this year do yourself a favor and sit back and remember, clear your mind, and take a deep breath.  It is not about shooting the biggest deer, or putting the most on the ground, it is about the journey you are on.  I am proud to call myself a hunter, not for the animals that I harvest, but for the journey I enjoy.  I remember many things in the stand, stories, people, my family, my faith, and my regular job.  But the one thing that I remember the most, the one thing I will always remember is to take that first breath.  Good luck to all hunters and be safe, have a great year.

Mike Coulthard 


Pro Staff

Tim Coulthard

30 plus years in the woods Tim is a true blue collar hunter with a itch to always be in the woods.

Mike coulthard

Founder and  counselor of this camp.  Working to bring real hunting to a computer near you.



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van Hammond

The enforcer and he  gives a new meaning to "Blue Collar Hunter"

bret thompson

The loner of the team he loves getting in the woods for a little piece and quite

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