2014 Bow Season is here 

For many of us we are still waiting about 19 days till the season kicks off, but some areas are opening sooner.  The first week is a great chance to harvest that buck.  Many of the deer that you will see will still be in their summer patterns, if you can get near a food or water source and wait you will have a great chance to get a wall hanger.  For the first week try and find a great pinch point, or staging area.  We have seen over the last few weeks that the bucks are getting into the field a little later.  If you can get into the staging area which is in a piece of woods next to the food source that will give you the best chance.  If you are sitting on the field you may be sitting into darkness.  With cooler temps in the future get off the field and get in the woods.

Pro Staff

Tim Coulthard

30 plus years in the woods Tim is a true blue collar hunter with a itch to always be in the woods.

Mike coulthard

Founder and  counselor of this camp.  Working to bring real hunting to a computer near you.



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van Hammond

The enforcer and he  gives a new meaning to "Blue Collar Hunter"

bret thompson

The loner of the team he loves getting in the woods for a little piece and quite

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