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bret thompson

The loner of the team he loves getting in the woods for a little piece and quite

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Mike coulthard

Founder and  counselor of this camp.  Working to bring real hunting to a computer near you.

Pro Staff

With the 2015 season right around the corner, now is a good time to get the gear ready for the wood.  Our process is pretty good, but if you can set up your own that is cool also.  We make a list of things that we have and check them off as we go.  First things first make sure your bow is tuned and ready to go, taking it to your local archery shop is the best but if you can do it yourself perfect.  I am a huge freak about scent so I will wash my hunting clothes in Scent Blocker detergent and then store them in my scent free bag, and never touch them until opening day.  As I keep going down my list I do not skip a thing, you do not need any surprises on opening day.  Stay tune for some great things for 2015 and our annual RUT REPORT.


van Hammond

The enforcer and he  gives a new meaning to "Blue Collar Hunter"


Tim Coulthard

30 plus years in the woods Tim is a true blue collar hunter with a itch to always be in the woods.