Being a I.T. guy for a day job days and nights can run long and getting in the woods is my time to relax.  When I hit the woods the phones and computers are shut off and peace and quite takes over.  I have been hunting since I was 8 and every year seems like the first.  I am a hunter, and a provider for what is true hunting core values.  Scouting and setting up stands is my favorite time of year, all the prep work that needs to go into a hunting season is a rush for me.  I am proud to call myself a bow hunter and I am proud of be a member of this team.

   ​I am the counselor of this camp, and camp is what it is.  I set up the website, I cut and edit the videos, and make sure the boys are ready to hunt.  With working a 9-5 job, and being a husband and father some nights are late, but would not change it.  I made a website for the everyday hunter and that is what this is.  No fenced in hunts all fair chase, no extra camera man just the hunter and the camera.  I am a blue collar hunter with a passion for the outdoors.  What you see is what you get and that is fine by me.  I have over 30 years in the woods passed down from generation to generation.  This is true hunting and real events that happen in the woods.  1%er style!

Bret Thompson  

Pro Staff 

​  The enforcer in this camp is a true statement.  Just like Bretty I work shift work and some days I will get done at 7 am and head to the woods.  I work 50 a week to pay the bills, other than that I am hunting.  I pack the truck up and head out with one goal in mind enjoying myself with friends and family.  I am sick of fenced in hunts on T.V. and listening to people who have no idea of what a true hunter is.  I do not need a pat on the back or a pep talk.  If your not on board with what we have going on your missing some good times, but I could careless.  

Mike Coulthard 

Chad Olson

With working shift work some would say that when you get out of work and you are tired, go home and get some sleep.  Not me when I am done I head to the woods.  With 30 years in this game there is one thing I have found out, bow hunting is my passion, every other type of hunting just passes the time.  With growing up in Wisconsin and not having private land to hunt I had to change how the game is played, and I did just that.  Public land is what I hunt and when people say that is tough to do, I just laugh.    The mounts on my wall prove that with a little hard work and the right scouting big bucks can be shot anywhere.  I am a bow hunter, I am a Wisconsin Bow Hunter.

  Working class hunter starts with me.  I was a helicopter pilot in the military and most of the time I flew at night.  Fast forward to present day I work shift work and if I am off I am in the woods.  50 hour work week to pay the bills and then I throw the gear in the back of the truck and head out.  Most of the time if your looking for me you will not find me.  I hike back as far as I can go and sit.  My favorite time of year is the month of November, best time of the year for hunting, but most of all spending time with family at the camp and telling stories from years past.   

Tom VanHammond 

Tim Coulthard  

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